For Foreign Companies Expanding into Japan and Foreigners Immigrating to Japan

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • You are considering expanding your business to Japan, but do not know anyone in Japan.
  • You want a one-stop service for setting up a Japanese corporation, obtaining a visa, opening a bank account, social insurance, accounting and bookkeeping, and filing tax returns.
  • We would like to discuss tax issues that foreign companies need to be aware of when expanding into Japan.
  • We would like to have a specialist by our side who can support our company even after we have entered the Japanese market.
  • We would like to consult with you in English or Chinese instead of Japanese.
  • You want an accounting firm that will take charge of the accounting and tax affairs of your Japanese subsidiary and report to the parent company in your home country after your company expands into Japan.

Please leave it to us.

  • Since we cooperate with other English-speaking professionals, we can provide one-stop service from establishment of a Japanese corporation, VISA, social insurance, accounting, to taxation.
  • We will work together with you from the “Japan Entry Consideration Phase” to determine the best plan for your company’s entry into the Japanese market.
  • We prepare accounting reports for the parent company of the Japanese subsidiary.
  • For foreign companies, we provide consultation services on accounting and taxation for the Japanese subsidiaries in which they invest.
  • We also provide consultation services for foreigners (individuals) on moving to Japan.
  • Having worked abroad myself, I understand how difficult it is when living in a foreign country.
  • I am available for consultations in English and Chinese via LINE, We Chat, and email.

Examples of our services

  • Establishment of a Japanese corporation
  • VISA applications and work visas
  • Introduction of professional services (introduction of lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, laborers, etc. who can speak foreign languages)
  • Support for opening bank accounts and introduction to financial institutions when establishing a business in Japan
  • Examination of international tax issues when establishing a business in Japan
  • Accounting and bookkeeping for Japanese subsidiaries and branches in Japan
  • Tax returns of foreign parent companies or Japanese subsidiaries
  • Tax returns for foreign individuals
  • Consultation for foreigners (individuals) moving to Japan
  • Reporting of accounting reports of Japanese subsidiaries and branches to the foreign parent company
  • Accounting and tax considerations when withdrawing from Japan