We are an English and Chinese speaking tax accountant in Yokohama.

We can correspond with foreign clients residing in Japan in English or Chinese.
We can also act as a first point of contact and provide support for communication with local staff of overseas subsidiaries, overseas accounting firms, and overseas accounting auditors.

We can provide services that only those with experience working overseas can offer.

I myself have experience working and traveling overseas. That is why I can talk to you more realistically about your concerns about overseas expansion and overseas migration. I can also talk to you about various matters in your daily life that are not related to accounting and taxation. Please feel free to consult with us.

We have strong cooperation with horizontal specialists.

We have a strong network with English-speaking lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, and labor and social insurance attorneys who are strong in international matters. That is why we can provide one-stop services such as legal, social insurance, and VISA. We can also introduce you to affiliated accounting firms overseas.

About us